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HCS Property Management
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To Our Prospective Customers

Subject: HCS - Objective:

HCS is a licensed real estate brokerage devoted exclusively to the management of high-quality single family homes (no apartments, duplexes or commercial properties). HCS has built its reputation on, "Quality management of quality homes". Our policy is to manage only those homes that are clean, attractive and fully up to code with all systems operating efficiently to assure a satisfactory rental experience. We have over 25 years of experience in managing spotlessly clean homes - over 3,000 of them in Pierce County, alone.

HCS' goal is to obtain the highest market rental price in the shortest period of time with the best interests of the owners kept in mind at all times. The most important part of the equation for success is the tenant.
  • The ideal candidate will be one who meets our approval criteria and who has the potential to rent for the longest period of time. The least number of moves into and out of the property, the better.
  • Thorough screening of the prospective tenant is of the utmost importance. HCS will use only a professional screening service and will require a Full-Screening - a complete background check verifying criminal records, evictions, income, past rental references in addition to credit. The owner will always be contacted for final approval of the tenant, but the independent screening service must first recommend approval to us, and in writing. We allow no exceptions to this rule.
  • A thorough indoctrination of the tenant will be done to assure a proper understanding of our Rules of Residency. Yard-care and all aspects of the home and its operation are well defined and in writing. We do not simply write a lease. A Property Condition Report will be completed in detail and signed by the tenants before move-in to assure responsibility is where it belongs at move-out. We except no excuses for not returning an HCS home in its original clean condition.
  • Periodic telephone calls and drives-by as well as in-home inspections will be made to assure the property is receiving good care.
  • HCS insists on immediate notification when there need of service or repair and such matters must be confirmed in writing. We do not have our own maintenance company. HCS uses only licensed, bonded and insured repairmen who are proven to be competent and fair in pricing and who will truthfully evaluate the problem, the cause and the most cost-effective solution. If it is the tenant's responsibility, the tenant will pay for the repair. If not, HCS will contact the owner for approval except in cases of dire emergency when the owner is out of contact. HCS requires the tenant to have carpets cleaned after occupancy and only by an approved professional service, to avoid damage which can result from do-it-yourself equipment.
  • HCS' goal is to refund the full deposit to the tenant. At move-out, the home is cleaned spotlessly by the tenant or a recommended cleaning service and carpets are cleaned at tenant's expense.
  • Property management is seen by HCS as a two-way street. HCS owes as much care and diligence to the tenant as it does to the owner. This policy has led to much success. Most of HCS tenants are very secure in the knowledge that HCS cares and is always available with quick response when needed. The reward for this policy is good tenant morale and excellent performance.
  • The home should be returned by the tenant in at least as good as the condition it was at move-in.

Tenant approval requires each adult applicant to complete a tenant screening application to verify:
Good Credit, Good Rental References and Secure Gross Income of not less than 3x the Rent.

CALL ROY OR JULIE AT (253) 857-RENT (7368)

"We do not manage 'Rentals': Spotlessly-Clean and Well-Maintained
Investment Homes - Only!"
Home Care Services, Inc. :: 5801 Soundview Drive, Suite 200 :: Gig Harbor, WA 98335 :: Phone: (253) 857-RENT :: Fax: (253) 857-8850
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